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Best effective parts for pool safety.

A swimming pool is a fun and exciting addition to your backyard and can provide countless hours of entertainment for friends and family. It’s essential for pool owners to understand best practices and pool safety to help family members stay safe inside and outside of the pool. This pool safety guide will give you guidance on protecting your family from common swimming pool hazards.

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Automatic pool covers offer outstanding cost savings benefits. When closed over the swimming pool an automatic pool cover will save you on chemicals, water loss from evaporation, and energy costs by not having to constantly reheat the pool. When you add these up you actually have a product that can pay for itself in as little as 2 – 3 years.

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An automatic pool cover keeps your pool cleaner and saves you a lot of needless cleanup time. There is no better feeling than activating a switch and have your cover open and clear sparkling swimming pool water invites you to come in and get refreshed. No leaves, branches or other debris to clean up first. So go ahead and jump right in and enjoy it.

Speaking of activating a switch; all the energy saving benefits and everything else you get from a pool cover will do you no good if it is never put on your swimming pool. That is where the ease of use of the cover comes into play. With a simple activation of a switch they roll on and off your swimming pool in less than a minute. This ease of use makes them used substantially more than any other pool cover product on the market.

And by far an automatic pool covers number one attribute, safety. There simply is no safer way to cover your backyard swimming pool. When closed over the pool, it forms an ‘isolation barrier’, that means that all the sides of the pool are then sealed from accidental or intentional entry into the pool by intruders, small children, non-swimmers, and pets. That is an incredible piece of mind to have when not using your pool and it is safely covered until the next time you go to use it.

So after all this, to answer the question is an automatic cover worth the extra cost? When you factor in the cost saving benefits they have to offer and the fact you cannot put a price on saving a life; then one might say they really are not that expensive at all.

Pool Cover Automatic Roller.

We specialise in a wide variety of pool covers, premium container Swimming Pools, high-end Water Sports pool liners, Accessories and Water Chemicals.

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List of Packages

A set of mechanical devices Casing, shaft, motor, bracket, controller
A set of cover Slat, assemble and security system
Manual instruction  
Mechanical Device
tube 304 stainless steel/Aluminum alloy tube
Bracket white coated aluminium alloy
Motor Tubular, IP68, 24V DC, 250 Nm, built-in limit switch
Slats 61*15mm

Why choose us?

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Easy Instauation, Multiple choice.
on Space saving, Diameter is 55C M for a 10 meter long cover.
built-in limit switch.
Remote control, distance up to 50 meters.

Waterproof grade up to IP68.
Max Bearing Capacity of slats, 100kgs.
With Anti-slip Concave-convex texture on slats.
Safety Voltage 24V.
Good sealing, No Water can go inside.
3 years warranty.
Adding auxiliary fixing tools.

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2150-A(Aluminum alloy tube)


2150-S (Stainless steel tube)

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