Forge ahead and create brilliance again — Landy won the “Star Product Award” of the 2021 Swimming Pool Annual Meeting

On December 6th, the "2021 Hot Spring Spa Industry Annual Conference" co-hosted by Landy kicked off in Nanhai! Landy's swimming pool accessories won the "Star product award" By virtue of its strength.


General manager Shiguixia (first from left) attended the launching ceremony of the annual conference.

2021 Hot Spring Spa Industry Annual Conference, with the theme of "Gathering the Potential and Moving Forward to a New Journey", brought together nearly 1,200 experts, scholars, well-known enterprises, and industry elites to focus on new resources, creating a new future, and discussing the development trend of the industry after epidemic.


As the co-organizer of the annual conference, Landy spared no effort to promote the development of the industry, and won the "Star product award" in the industry selection, which is well deserved.


As an internationally renowned swimming pool complement service provider, Landy has earned many awards successively,such as "Recommended product award", "Best-selling product award", "Influential brand award", and its products and projects are all over the world.

In the market downturn environment in the past two years,Landy still forged ahead and insisted on product innovation, sought breakthroughs in channel diversification, and improved self competitiveness in whole industry. In this annual conference, Landy showed the latest research and development of new swimming pool matching products, becoming the focus of the conference.


The sharing session in the co-organizers, Ms.Shi shared with the guests How to easily solve the problems of swimming pool waterproof,decoration and swimming pool insulation, introduced the functional characteristics and selection points of the swimming pool liner and swimming pool cover in the swimming pool,and take examples to prove solutions.


Ms.Shi said: Landy's third generation swimming pool film has the advantages of environmental protection, antibacterial, safety, chlorine resistance, and cold resistance. The qualification report is complete, and each batch undergoes rigorous experimental testing,which making it the first choice in a waterproof decoration for infant swimming pools.


Landy (Yang jiang) production base has nearly 50,000 square meters, with three large imported equipment, high precision, eight-color printing configuration, The production efficiency of swimming pool liner is 30,000 square meters per day.


Landy is a pool cover expert, there are mainly five types of swimming pool covers at present. Ms.Shi introduced the functional design and selection of different covers to the guests.


Landy is customer oriented, adheres to demand orientation, standardizes production, optimizes configuration, creates products that adapt to the market and have competitive strengths, and provides customers with more practical swimming pool comprehensive solutions.


Ms.Shi was interviewed by Guangdong satellite TV, Today's Headlines and other mainstream media

Since its establishment, it has accumulated 21 years of experience in design, R&D and production, actively promoted products such as plastic films and thermal insulation covers, implemented the development concept of green environmental protection, and contributed to the healthy development of the swimming pool industry.

Looking back on 2021, we sailed the wind and waves and forged ahead. Looking forward to 2022, we will take advantage of the momentum to bring more high-quality products and services to consumers. In 2022, Landy is looking forward to working with you to create brilliant!

Post time: Mar-24-2022