General Manager Shi shared | How to easily solve the problem of swimming pool waterproof ,decoration and swimming pool insulation


On December 6th, the China Swimming Pool Hot Spring SPA Industry Annual Conference 2021 co-sponsored by Landy, was held at the Foshan International Convention and Exhibition Center. General Manager Shi Guixia of our company shared "How to easily solve the problem of swimming pool waterproof ,decoration and swimming pool insulation" at the annual meeting.

Share speaker: Shi Guixia, General Manager of Guangzhou Landy Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Hello friends!

Landy is a company specializing in swimming pool film and swimming pool cover. In the process of swimming pool setting planning, it is often entangled in concrete pool or steel structure pool, whether to use plastic film or ceramic tile, as well as some problem such as , adult pools, children's pools, paddling pools, private pools, competition pools, and commercial pools. Many people do not know the scope of use about pool plastic film. In fact, pool plastic film is suitable for steel structures, civil construction pools, whole-piece paving, hot-melt splicing and welding. It has various styles and it is suitable for pools of various groups, without internal waterproofing, and the construction period is short. Especially   the water park area is relatively large, and the construction period is relatively faster than the traditional way.


How to easily solve the problem of waterproof decoration with pool film

Landy, independently researches and develops, focusing on the pool waterproof adhesive film, owns a strong research and development team, including 4 doctors of materials, 5 masters of materials,and an independent research and development laboratory, including ultraviolet aging machine, Xenon lamp aging test box, tensile testing machine, anti-slip machine, abrasion resistance tester and other professional experimental testing equipment.   

Each product has undergone strict laboratory tests for chlorine resistance, salt resistance, cold resistance and high temperature resistance. Consumers are very concerned about its cold resistance,especially in the very cold regions such as northeastern Russia. At the same time, the antibacterial rate of Landy pool waterproof film reaches 99.99%. The characteristics of environmentally friendly, mildew-proof, non-slip, and flame-retardant contribute to obtained physical inspection in line with national standards, such as, antibacterial test certification, chlorine resistance, cold resistance test, salt resistance test, static friction coefficient test, national Sporting goods quality inspection and other relevant qualification inspection reports.


Landy has a area of nearly 50,000m² in Yangjiang production base, and the production efficiency of swimming pool film is 30,000m² per day. The three large-scale imported equipment can reach the width 3.2 meters with the high precision ,it equipped with the eight-color printing configuration to make bright colors and meet the demand of the market.70% of which are exported to overseas and are deeply trusted by customers. In addition, Landy also provides engineering technical support. Many people did not know how to construct after purchasing plastic film, thus Landy has set up an engineering and technical team based on what customers want and what they need. For the past 21 years, we have served 82 engineering and construction companies.

How can the swimming pool cover be a good helper for swimming pool energy saving and thermal insulation?

Landy mainly promotes five kinds of swimming pool covers, which are also based on our material laboratory. They are PE, PVC, PC, PP, aluminum sheet covers, which are comfortable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safe. actually, 70% of people choose a swimming pool cover from the perspective of safety, but in fact, they must firstly choose from its material and size, and then choose its safety from its performance, degree of safety and load-bearing capacity. In terms of the size of the swimming pool cover, Landy has become the only PE insulation cover in China that can achieve a width of 4.2 meters. It adopts Italian bubble machine, one-time molding, no welding seam, two-color, flat and beautiful. This ordinary swimming pool cover has undergone one year of research and development and 8 formula adjustments. It has passed the tests of anti-UV, environmental protection, non-toxicity, and weather resistance . We   Obtained the patent for triangle bubbles and received orders from the international brand Aidi. We entered Aidi's supermarkets and are a qualified supplier for 4 consecutive years.It can be seen that the market demand is quite large.


The development of the PC electric cover has gone through three generations, and it is currently the fourth generation, namely PC + hot melt welding + luminous, which is very safe at night, and its width can reach 10 meters. The traditional plug technology adopts the method of glue and welding, and the fourth-generation PC electric cover adopts the method of hot-melt welding, with various colors. This PC electric cover can be used for overflow pools. It can be installed not only on the water, but also underwater. It adopts a special buckle method for floating strips, with a waterproof rating of IP68.
The above are the main products of Landy, thank you.

Post time: Mar-24-2022