Anti Dust Pool Covers for winter and labor saving time

Using a solar pool cover to help heat your pool water will save you money on utility bills! Our affordable solar blankets are available in round, oval, and rectangular for both in-ground and above ground pools. A solar reel is a companion to any solar blanket purchase and makes deploying and storing your solar cover convenient and simple. Raise your water temperature by as much as 15 degrees with the power of the sun and an in the swim solar blanket!

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Solar cover heats your pool environmentally, economically friendly way.

Solar cover is one of the more environmentally sound and budget-friendly way to heat your pool water. The cover uses thousands of tiny air pockets to capture the energy of the sun as an under layer transfers that energy to your pool as heat, warming your water by up to 18 degrees.

The solar pool cover also uses different thickness to insulate the water, helping trap its warmth to give you a more comfortable swimming environment later into the evening as well as extending your swimming pool season. The insulation also helps limit pool water evaporation along with pool chemical loss, saving you time on pool supplies and maintenance.

Solar cover has flat, reinforced seams to better resist wear and tear.

Vinyl resin construction is highly durable yet cuts easily with scissors to fit your custom or kidney shaped pool.

Solar cover can raise your pool's temperature by up to 18 degrees.


A solar cover saves you money and extends your swimming season. By absorbing and trapping the energy of the sun, a solar cover can heat your pool’s water by up to 15 degrees without using a gas heater or propane pool heater, thus saving you on heating costs by 50%-70%. This is the same on in-ground pools and above ground pools.

A solar cover also holds the sun’s heat in the water when the nights start to get chillier as the summer season wanes. By keeping the pool water warm, for free, you’re extending the fun you can have in the pool for the season. It also works in spring, when the days and nights start to get mild, but aren’t too warm, the solar cover can kick start the heating process and get you in the pool early.

Solar covers for all sizes and shapes of pools, along with solar cover reels that will make your pool life easier.

With the aid of this solar pool heating cover, you can keep your pool at the perfect temperature without incurring high heating costs. Harnessing the sun’s natural energy, it reduces water and pool chemical evaporation naturally.


1. Wide protection: The solar pool cover is used to maintain the heat of the water or prevent excessive cooling. It can also minimize the pollution of the swimming pool and prevent the entry of dust, leaves, rain and insects.

2. Environmental protection: It reduces the demand for cleaning and pool chemicals, which is safe for the environment.

3. Heating costs reduction: By limiting overnight heat loss, the cover reduces heating costs by up to 80% and water evaporation by up to 95%.

4. Changeable shape and size: You can use a pair of scissors to alter the shape and size of the solar membrane to suit your needs.

5. Prevents uv radiation: The pool protection cover also can prevent harmful ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun.














Bubble big volume

pe bubble covers (3)
pe bubble covers (2)
pe bubble covers (6)






Blue , Black , Blue+ Black , Blue+ Golden , Blue+ Silver,Custom


Rectangle , Oval , Round Or Custom Other Shapes


2.5*50m , Customized


400mircon , 500mircon , 600mircon

Bubble Diameter


Bubble Height


Bubble Strength


66.3 N


91.53 N


Bubbles Face The Water Side

Warranty Period

2-4 Years

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pe introldu (6)


A smart choice for any family and public pools and water amusement park. The cover roller would be great help for you to collect the covers easliy, quickly, safety.

Heat preservation
Energy saving Clean-keeping           Enironmrntal protecting  Corrosion protection
UV   UV resistant

 PSCustom-made to fit almost any size and shape of pool.

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