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Using a solar pool cover to help heat your pool water will save you money on utility bills! Our affordable solar blankets are available in round, oval, and rectangular for both in-ground and above ground pools. A solar reel is a companion to any solar blanket purchase and makes deploying and storing your solar cover convenient and simple. Raise your water temperature by as much as 15 degrees with the power of the sun and an in the swim solar blanket!

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We hereby certify that all the covers sent out are passed our QC test.

In order to offer your cover a better life, pls take care of your covers accordingly.

1.Make sure the pools water level is never allow to fall below 18” from the main deck level. Allowing a low water level will result in cover and/or spring damage during periods of snow accumulation. This type damage will not be covered under the warranty.

2.Do not walk on the cover unless there is an emergy situation. It should not be jumped upon like a trampoline. Walking or jumping on the cover could result in damage not covered by warranty.

3.Proper chemical treatment is necessary when closing the pool for the winter. THE CHEMICAL LEVELS should be checked in the autumn, adjust as necessary.

4.Strips to protect against abrasion are sewn to the cover to protect against normal coping wear.

5.It is up to the installer to , when necessary, and protective padding to sharp cornors or very rough areas of the pool.

6.The cover should be stored in its storage bag when not installed. Any leaves and debris should be cleaned from the cover before storing.

7.The cover should be stored in an area free of rodents.

8.Never swim in the pool with the cover when it is partially installed.

9.Check the cover periodically to be sure the cover is secured tightly on the pool. Adjust the straps to achieve the proper tension.

10.Do no to drag the cover on decking or over the covers springs. Tears resulting from mishandling will not be covered under the warranty.

Warranty Runs From The “Date Of Sale”

Safety cover Are Covered By a 5 Year prorated warranty Limited.

First Year Fully Covered
Second Year 15%
Third Year 45%
Forth Year 75%
Fifth Year 90%

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