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Economic Automatic Above Water Covers  One Key Start And One Key Close So Easy, So Clean.

Not only is putting a swimming pool in your backyard fairly expensive, but it can create some extra work and worries for you too. You have two small children, they can swim a little, but you still worry, Not only that, your wife is in love with the big tree that are not far from where you want to put the pool and there is no way she will let you cut them down; you can just imagine the mess from them on those windy days. A friend told you an automatic pool cover would solve a lot of your worries, but you question whether or not they were worth the added expense. So are they worth the added expense?

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Before we just throw out an arbitrary yes or no in response to the question, maybe it’s best to tell you a little bit more about automatic swimming pool covers first. Answering yes or no without all the facts is a little like your doctor giving you a prescription before he has diagnosed what is wrong with you.
Here are a few benefits Automatic pool covers have to offer.

Automatic pool covers are good examples of you get what you pay for. They are made of high quality parts that include such things as high grade aluminum and stainless steel, state of the art electronics, high torque motors, and other high quality and extremely durable materials and parts.

They look good. Do to technological advances and thinking outside the box, landy covers can now be designed to fit any shape pool and do it in a way that they are virtually hidden from view when retracted off the pool. You have spent a lot of time designing your backyard poolscape and you do not want an automatic cover to take away from its looks. Even when closed over the pool the cover fabric comes in a variety of colors so you can choose one that helps it blend into the surrounding poolscape.

A set of mechanical devices

Casing, shaft, motor, bracket, controller

A set of cover

Slat, assemble and security system

Manual instruction


Mechanical Device


aluminium steel


aluminium alloy


IP44,12VDC, rechargeable battery

Is it worth getting an automatic pool cover?
Automatic pool covers offer outstanding cost savings benefits. When closed over the swimming pool an automatic pool cover will save you on chemicals, water loss from evaporation, and energy costs by not having to constantly reheat the pool.

Electronic equipment: 1 year quality assurance
Mechanical Device: 3 years quality assurance
Slat cover: 3 years quality assurance

All damages during shipping, installing not according to our Instruction manual, change the system without asking or connect to incorrect electrical do not include in our warranty.

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