Square Steel Polycarbonte Automatic System

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These slatted covers provide the highest level of comfort and can be closed or opened, quickly and easily, at the push of a button. This allows you to close the pool even for short periods and therefore save valuable energy.
At the same time, the pool can also be opened quickly for spontaneous use. When the pool is open, the cover is rolled up to save space and, depending on the design of the roll-up mechanism, remains above or below the water surface.

Here are a few benefits of having a swimming pool cover:

1. Reduce your energy bill
2. Reduce your pool’s carbon footprint
3.Reduce your chemical bill
4. Reduce pool cleaning time
5. Conserve water
6. Help heat your pool
7. Prevent algae and plant growth

Sectional view (specification) of PC floating slats

Sectional view (specification) of PC floating slats

Solid Color

color No.H- S-W (homo solid white)

color No.H- S-W (homo solid white)

color No. H-S-B (homo solid blue)

color No. H-S-B (homo solid blue)

color No.H- S-G (homo solid gray)

color No.H- S-G (homo solid gray)

color No. H-S-Y (homo solid yellow)

color No. H-S-Y (homo solid yellow)

Transparent Color

color No.H-T-TB (homo transparent blue)

color No.H-T-TB (homo transparent blue)

color No.H-T-TL  (homo luminous)

color No.H-T-TL (homo luminous)

color No. H-T-TT (homo transparent)

color No. H-T-TT (homo transparent)

The Contrast Between The Pc Slat And Pvc Slat

Slat Specifications


PC Slat 

PVC Slat


1.2 g/m^3

1.41 g/m^3


White, Clear Transparent, Grey, Blue, Dark Blue & Black

and other two side colors, Customized colors

Load Bearing

Over 100kg

Weather Resistance

 -20 to 90 ℃

-10 to 65 ℃




Tensile Strength

7.2*10^4 (KN/M^3)

 4.5*10^4 (KN/M^3)

 Motor  Specifications



 Waterproof Grade


Limited Warranty

3 Years

Remote Control 

Available in Wired  & Wireless Control

Control Distance



Above ground, Underwater, Bottom, Hidden bench, Customized.

The Sealing Technology Contrast Between Landy And Others






High temperature hot melt process

High frequency welding process

Glue sealing process

Processing time

High temperature hot-melt process, short cooling time, only 10 seconds

High frequency welding process, short cooling time, only 10 seconds

Fixed by injecting glue, the curing time is long, take more than 10 hours


Only one line at the welding point, neat and beautiful

Neat and beautiful

The amount of glue injected is difficult to control and has a slight effect on aesthetic

Sealing effect

Strong welding, no looseness, no water ingress

Easy looseness and water ingress

Easy to swell and cause the slats to crack and water can easily enter


Strong sealing, no moisture inside, good antibacterial property

Easy to enter water and breed microorganisms

Easy to enter water and breed microorganisms t Glue is moldy due to microorganisms

Aging phenomenon

Add anti-aging agent, strong anti-aging

Easy to entry water and accelerated aging

Glue is easy to age and yellow, affects appearance and sealing effect


Landy A

Landy B

Landy C






Floating Strip Waterproof Technology Comparison

Compare items

 Landy craft

 Traditional craft

Processing time

The cooling time of hot melt welding is short only 10s

Injection sealant curing time is long: need 10-20h


There is only one hot-melt line at the seal, neat and beautiful

The amount of glue injected is difficult to control and has a slight effect on aesthetics

Sealing effect

After cooling, the shape and volume do not
change and there is no risk of water ingress

The volume of the glue changes after
curing, there is a risk of water ingress


No moisture inside, no microorganisms

Sealant can be moldy due to microbial contamination in the pool water

Aging phenomenon

There is no other impact except the natural aging of the material

The glue is easy to yellow and aging, Affect the appearance and sealing effect

The advantages of the PC cover

Reduce water evaporation
Reduce the lo ng-term evaporation of swimming water
save water and pharmaceutical resources
Reduce the use of expensive dehu midi ification and ventilation facilities

Insulation and energy saving
Effectively reduce the heat loss of water and save energy
Reduce pool water heating costs , lower pool operating costs

Dust and sundries
Prevent pollution of pool water by dust , fallen leaves , insects and other
Reduce pool cleaning and maintenance costs

Safe against drowning
Safely bears 100 kg to prevent children , pets or no swimming personll fall into the pool and cause accidental injury

Anti extrusion

It can support 2.02 tons of extrusion without deformation.

Anti extrusion

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Packed by wooden case
Details: Size According to Pool Size
Different pool size, Packing Size is Different
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 25 Days After Payment
Port :Guangzhou

The stock
Square Steel Polycarbonte Automatic System
The stock A
Square Steel Polycarbonte Automatic System A

Why choose us?

Energy Conservation

Reducing Water Evaporation

Reduce Chemical Consumption By About 40%.

Heat Preservation, Reduce Heating Cost By About 70%

Inhibition Of Algae Growth In Water

Reduce The Cost Of Cleaning And Maintenance, Dust Anddefoliation Etc

Landy Has His Techi Team For Machinary And Tooling, We Can Always Offer You The Full Spare Parts In List In A Whole Sell Price, And Support You In Doing A Factory Focuse On Automatic Pool Cover Locally, We Welcome You To Be Our Agent With Targeting Amount Of Selling By Containers.

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