Pvc Vinyl 1.2mm 1.5mm Blue Swimming Plastic Pool Liner

Landy liner for the pool, combining esthetic with robustness.
Landy swimming pool waterproofing liner main components of PVC, the product is stable in molecules, not easy to adhere to dirt and bacteria and antioxidants are added, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Our membrane for swimming pool Anti-corrosion (especially anti-chlorine corrosion) and Anti-ultraviolet rays. It can be used in professional swimming pools.
With the high-temperature resistance, the shape and material will not change within ±35ºC.
It has good waterproof ability. Our wielding tools will help you wield the liners smoothly.

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Place of Origin:

Guangdong, China

Brand Name:



PVC Membrane

Roll Size:

1.80*25m/ custom size


customized colors


Solid color/mosaic/ripple/stone/custom

Coil size:





Customized shape




ISO9001, ASTM Standard


Waterproof kraft paper weaved cloth


Waterproof, non-slip, anti-aging, anti-mildew, anti-chlorine;

Anti-shrinkage, anti-wear, anti-ultraviolet, anti-bacterial.

Combo Set Offered:


1. Environmental protection PVC material: waterproof, anti-skid, anti-aging, anti-mildew, anti-chlorine;
2. Meet ASTM safety standards;
3. Anti-shrinkage, anti-wear, anti-ultraviolet, anti-bacterial;
4. Slightly elastic, comfortable foot feeling, good anti-skid effect;
5. The construction period is short, the maintenance is simple, and the service life is relatively long;
6. Special pressing technology, with hot-melt welding at the joints, and impervious to water;
7. The main component of PVC swimming pool decoration film is polyvinyl chloride, and antioxidants are added, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Pvc Vinyl 1.2mm 1.5mm Blue Swimming Plastic Pool Liner (2)
Pvc Vinyl 1.2mm 1.5mm Blue Swimming Plastic Pool Liner (5)
Pvc Vinyl 1.2mm 1.5mm Blue Swimming Plastic Pool Liner (6)

IOS9001 Certificate Most Popular 1.2mm Thickness Pool Liner with High Quality PVC Liner Material

Swimming pool liners are the most important aesthetic for vinyl pool owners, yet more importantly, they hold the water in the pool! A new pool liner and a few nice liner accessories can completely renovate and rejuvenate any tired looking vinyl pool.
Landy starts to make their own liners since a dacaede, thousands of pool liners each year to homeowners just like you for DIY weekend liner installation. Choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns in several thicknesses. A thicker pool liner is less likely to puncture, hides uneven pool floor areas better, and may have a longer life span. Darker pool liners and swirl patterns tend to hide dirt and debris better than solid blue liners, and may have a small solar benefit.

1.pool liners for aboveground pools - overlap,
3. uni-bead (J-hook) and expandable liners.
4.We stock pool liners available to ship same-day, in hundreds of round, oval and rectangular pool sizes. new wall gaskets, floor padding, wall foam and pool cove, among other vinyl liner installation supplies.
Contact us for more info about how to install your own swimming pool liner! Find the perfect pool liner at or like many of our customers, order your vinyl liner over the phone. Customer service representatives are ready to help you get the right liner, and ship it to you fast.

Liner Shapes:

Rectangle liners

Round liners

Roman pool liners

Hoxtengen pool liners

Pvc Vinyl 1.2mm 1.5mm Blue Swimming Plastic Pool Liner (1)


  • 10 x 15Refine by Size: 10 x 15
  • 12 ftRefine by Size: 12 ft
  • 12 x 18Refine by Size: 12 x 18
  • 12 x 20Refine by Size: 12 x 20
  • 12 x 21Refine by Size: 12 x 21
  • 12 x 24Refine by Size: 12 x 24
  • 12 x 25Refine by Size: 12 x 25
  • 12 x 28Refine by Size: 12 x 28
  • 13 x 19Refine by Size: 13 x 19
  • 15 ftRefine by Size: 15 ft
  • 15 x 24Refine by Size: 15 x 24
  • 15 x 25Refine by Size: 15 x 25
  • 15 x 26Refine by Size: 15 x 26
  • 15 x 27Refine by Size: 15 x 27
  • 15 x 30Refine by Size: 15 x 30
  • 16 ftRefine by Size: 16 ft
  • 16 x 24Refine by Size: 16 x 24


  • 16 x 24Refine by Size: 16 x 24
  • 16 x 32Refine by Size: 16 x 32
  • 16 x 40Refine by Size: 16 x 40
  • 18 ftRefine by Size: 18 ft
  • 18 x 33Refine by Size: 18 x 33
  • 18 x 36Refine by Size: 18 x 36
  • 18 x 38Refine by Size: 18 x 38
  • 18 x 39Refine by Size: 18 x 39
  • 21 ftRefine by Size: 21 ft
  • 21 ftRefine by Size: 21 ft
  • 21 x 41Refine by Size: 21 x 41
  • 24 ftRefine by Size: 24 ft
  • 24 inchesRefine by Size: 24 inches
  • 27 ftRefine by Size: 27 ft
  • 28 ftRefine by Size: 28 ft
  • 30 ftRefine by Size: 30 ft
  • 33 ftRefine by Size: 33 ft
  • 8ftRefine by Size: 8ft
  • 8 x 12Refine by Size: 8 x 12


  • 20 milRefine by Liner Mil: 20 mil
  • 25 milRefine by Liner Mil: 25 mil
  • 30 milRefine by Liner Mil: 30 mil


  • BeadedRefine by Style: Beaded
  • OverlapRefine by Style: Overlap
  • UnibeadRefine by Style: Unibead


  • Above Ground Pools and AccessoriesRefine  
  • UNGround Pools and AccessoriesRefine  
Pvc Vinyl 1.2mm 1.5mm Blue Swimming Plastic Pool Liner (2)


Q1: For 0.6 and 0.8mm PVC liner, what is the size of the rolls? What is the length?
Standard roll size is 1.83*30m, customized order is welcomed.

Q2: How many rolls can fit in a container?
It depends on different roll size and thickness, say roll size 1.83 * 30m and thickness 1.5m, there will be 170rolls for 1 x 20GP, if roll size 1.65 * 30m and thickness 1.5m, there will be 189 rolls for 1 x 20GP.

Q3: If you can send us some samples, tell me which model you can send for me?
Of course, we can send you different models of small cutting for free and send under customer courier a/c.

Q4: Could you tell me the usage time and why?
In general, our pvc liner can be used for over 8 – 10 years, because this liner is made of two PVC films reinforced with fiberglass as a
whole. the membrane in the middle guarantees best quality for many years of bathing.

Q5: Is the PVC liner stand up to sunlight?
A PVC liner covered with at least 12 inches of clean fill will last for decades. It must be protected from exposure to direct sunlight. (If the membrane must be exposed to direct sunlight, please look at other products for resistance to UV).

Q6: There are wrinkles when I lay out the liner, is that okay?
Yes, thermal contraction and expansion causes a liner to grow or shrink. The liner should be stretched over the prepared sub-grade and “pulled” taut and “relaxed” but not overstretched.
However, care should be taken to avoid wrinkles in the seam area and around mechanical attachments

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