Polycarbonate Pool Cover Welding Machines

 1. This equipment is only applicable to the welding of floating bar and end cover of the company

2. Input power supply: AC220V, 50Hz; Equipment power: 1800 w

3. Input compressed air pressure: 0.7 ~ 1.0 MPa (this equipment does not include air compressor)

4. Equipment weight: 68 kg, overall dimension 1095x810x385 mm (for reference only)

5. Production speed: 55 ~ 60 seconds/

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The Sealing Technology Contrast Between Landy And Others






High temperature hot melt process

High frequency welding process

Glue sealing process

Processing time

High temperature hot-melt process, short cooling time, only 10 seconds

High frequency welding process, short cooling time, only 10 seconds

Fixed by injecting glue, the curing time is long, take more than 10 hours


Only one line at the welding point, neat and beautiful

Neat and beautiful

The amount of glue injected is difficult to control and has a slight effect on aesthetic

Sealing effect

Strong welding, no looseness, no water ingress

Easy looseness and water ingress

Easy to swell and cause the slats to crack and water can easily enter


Strong sealing, no moisture inside, good antibacterial property

Easy to enter water and breed microorganisms

Easy to enter water and breed microorganisms t Glue is moldy due to microorganisms

Aging phenomenon

Add anti-aging agent, strong anti-aging

Easy to entry water and accelerated aging

Glue is easy to age and yellow, affects appearance and sealing effect


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Landy B

Landy C






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